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This site is under construction.

This site is currently under construction.4x4 Browsing

Thank you for visiting this website. It is currently not in production use, but live to test the hosting of applications on Microsoft's Azure Iaas platform and its CI - CD capabilities. Things are going to be out of date or broken, and the styling might be completely wrong! Please drop by in the future when Muddly is re-launched.

Muddly is a powerful web browser.  It's aimed mainly at researchers, professionals, power users - anybody needing more browsing power and a better way of organizing their web activity and archive.

Muddly helps you to manage any amount of web content by providing a document format, and a means to save those documents in your Windows file system.

Muddly is now based upon Chrome

Previous releases of Muddly used the installed edition of Microsoft Internet Explorer.  We've now adopted a standalone installation of Chrome dedicated to Muddly providing an improved user experience and a stable, unchanging installation.  We've been testing the new Chrome engine for some time now and are pleased with the many improvements it offers.  We hope you'll like it too.

4x4 Browsing4x4 Browsing

Gives you more control by providing multi-paned viewing, for instance 'Side By Side' or 'Top And Bottom' views with stackable tabbed viewing. What constitutes a 'Tab' in most browsers is a 'Document' in Muddly - a collection of tabs and panes saved in our document file format - a *.mud file. Mud files are saved wherever you want on your pc, network, or cloud-based file system. By harnessing the power of the file system, you gain a powerful tool for organizing your web archive. Multi-Paned Browsing Fully adjustable split screen browsing environment. Muddly supports 4 panes, Top, Bottom, Right and Left. These panes are further divisible for precise control of composite documents. All panes support multiple tabs, and all panes can be maximized and minimized. Muddly now saves your pane layouts and preferences to display toolbars and tabs.

With Muddly each top tab is a document, and each document can contain many panes and stackable tab sets.  Each pane can be quickly maximized for full screen viewing

Right Click - Right ActionRight Click Functionality

Muddly now provides powerful right click functionality for page links - right click a link and open it anywhere!

Not only can you open the link in any region in the current document, but you can choose to open it in either a new or open document.

Document Support 4x4 Browsing

Lets you to compile a web archive using your Windows file system. This allows you to collect many documents containing all the sites of interest for that document without cluttering your Favourites collection. Whatever you have on screen under a document tab can be saved in the Muddly .mud file format. You can open and restore your content and layout anytime later. As files they can be sent as file attachments in E-mail etc.

See the trees, not the forest RSS Tree Browsing

Muddly lets you open one or more RSS feeds in the Muddly Tree Browser - this allows you to view any page in a feed without opening more than one browser pane - giving you more control of your favorite feeds. If required you can open any item in a new tab, window or document. Feeds are integral with the document - when you save a document that contains a feed - it will open along with the other document content when you return to it.

RSS and Favourites Tree Browsing Favourites Tree Browsing

It works the same way with your Favorites too - this is the fastest, most convenient way to look through your Favorites and find the page you are looking for with just one view. It's the same story for your History too.

Muddly is IE Friendly Muddly is IE Friendly

Muddly isn't trying to replace the rich functionality and special features of Internet Explorer - we don't ask you to make it your default browser or change anything at all. Muddly has a unique feature set and its own place in your software inventory. Muddly is an additional tool for users of Internet Explorer.

The Web In Your TrayThe Web In Your Tray

Muddly helps turns the web into a well organized reference - and there'll be certain documents you'll want to refer to all of the time. When you don't need it on the desktop you can reduce it to the system tray ready when you need it. You can set this feature on or off in Muddly Options.

Muddly Skins Muddly skins

Muddly looks great with a skin to suit your taste - browsing is better when the ambience suits you. Please visit the Skin Shop on this site to see the range of new skins which are free to download.

Compatible with Windows 7